Tingalavare Bi-che Kolaveri Song – Kudpiraj’s Kitaapathi Khelu

Radio Idli is glad to welcome Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy as our esteemed contributor. Kudpimaam, as he is fondly known, is known to most online Saraswats through his omnipresence on social media.

The Kolaveri wave has swept the Karavali coast too.. and the result is Thingalavare Bi (Mangalorean white grams known for its taste and post-consumption acoustics)! The idea and lyrics for the song was conceived by Mukund Kamath, of Ideal Ice Cream fame in Mangalore.  Kudpimaam, adds to this an amazing combination of his Multimedia skills! What’s more?! Mukund Kamath’s voice to the song is an “Ideal” cherry on the cake.. or should i say on the Ideal GadBad?!  They say proof of the ice-cream is in eating.. Watch the video and the songa… thingalavare songa..

About Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy:

Rajanikanth Shenoy, Kudpi is the youngest son of Kudpi Vasudeva Shenoy, noted journalist and playwright. After working for Syndicate Bank for 22 years, he took VRS in the year 2001 and started his Multimedia Center – Kudpiraj in Bejai Mangalore. Over the years, he has mastered Audio-Video editing, short documentaries production, script writing and photo restoration.

He has contributed to Mangalorean.com over the last Five years with many pictures, articles, features, poems, recipes and jokes. His work was recognised by the Webmaster of Mangalorean.com and he has been appointed as a Team member as well as local editor for the website since 2009. His indulgence in promoting Konkani Culture by way of grouping people under one roof and identifying young and old talents and promoting them with singing and performing abilities have made him one of the well sought after media person within the society.

Some of his examples are Dialogue Challenge and Duet Challenge in a Facebook Group known as Broad Minded Konkanis.

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