Kannai Kalaimane (surmai akhiyon mein) – Archana

She has thrilled us in Konkani, Hindi, English and even Sanskrit. This time around Archana brings to us an alltime favorite song – Surmayee Akhiyon Main from the movie Sadma… in its original Tamil form! Hear it right here!

Kannai Kalaimane – Archana Kamath |


  1. Archana, You have a very beatiful voice. Keep it up. The original composition is a real challenge for any singer and you came quite close to that. Most of the Popular Tamil Songs are the real Gems of Music.Somewhere your Nasal voice turns to be advantageous and sometimes not. In the Original composition the Feelings of the character is very much signified by the singer. You can try to add that feeling and give another wonderful shot.I am a novice in Music but as a audience, I thought I can give this feedback to help you.

    Your Voice is really Melodious. You can still tune to make it more perfect. You have a bright future. All my blessings are with you.

    May god bless you.

  2. THanks a lot Harish maam 🙂 yes next time ill surely keep these suggestions in mind while singing 🙂 thnks again.. Thnku Shobha maaye :))

  3. Archana,very good performence and very good voice.It is nice our GSB community producing meny such good talents.
    God bless you to brighten ur carrier to the peak

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