Konkani Sammelan 2012 – Newsletter

Dear Konkani samaj bandhavas, bhaginis and well-wishers,


What is in the air?

The snow season is about to begin in the North East and the December holidays are just around the corner. There is another important date in December this year for us. The Registration fee for Sammelan is discounted until December 31, 2011. You have probably heard already that the Konkani Sammelan 2012 will be hosted in Edison, New Jersey from June 29-July 1, 2012 (Fri-Sun). So, please visit our website (www.Konkani2012.org) and register as soon as possible.

This Sweet Sixteen of the Konkani Sammelan will provide all attendees with outstanding cultural and entertainment programs, seminars, authentic and sumptuous Konkani food, social and professional networking opportunities, and youth and children events. Rest assured, you will see unparalleled Konkani hospitality from the Sammelan team.

Sammelan Programs, Website Updates and Blogs

We had provided an overview of Sammelan Schedule and Programs in the last newsletter. Please visit our website for frequent updates on Entertainment programs, Seminars and Meetings and other important information. For example, there are recent website updates on the Chief Guest as well as some Seminar Speakers who will be at the Sammelan. Website also has interesting and thought provoking Blogs such as The Best Holiday Shopping Deal, Why Konkanis are like Kiwis, Canara Cuisine and the importance of Souvenir for immortalizing the Sammelan experience and memory.

In addition to the adult and youth events, Konkani Sammelan 2012 will have various programs for children of all age groups. So, this could be their opportunity to be on the stage, watch interesting programs, and participate in other activities and games. They would also get to socialize and play with their peers, and get exposure to the Konkani culture and language in a completely different setting. For the very little ones, we will have baby-sitting services on site, so they are taken care of and kept occupied, while parents can get fully immersed in Sammelan events.

  • Deadline for sending us your information of participating in Entertainment programs is: January 15, 2012
  • Please email entertainment@konkani2012.org with your participation details and any specific questions or suggestions on Entertainment
  • Potential participants in Entertainment programs should send a DVD or YouTube link of their performance for consideration and scheduling purposes

Please contact us at seminars@konkani2012.org for any queries or feedback about ‘Seminars and Workshops’. We want everyone to be a participant in some way or the other, not just a spectator.

Sammelan Trailer Video

If you have not watched already, please see the Sammelan trailer video at the link below for invitational and informative messages from the Sammelan President and some other key organizing committee members.



Please note that deadline for submitting Articles/Essays/Poems/Artwork etc for
Souvenir is December 31, 2011. Authors/Contributors are invited to send in original Articles, Essays, Short Stories, Poems based on the Sammelan 2012 theme, “Connecting Konkanis, Heart To Heart, Home Away From Home”. Guidelines for submitting literary entries are on our website as well as listed in the Appendix at the bottom of this newsletter.

We also invite contributions by means of advertisements for the Konkani Souvenir from within and outside our Konkani community. It is a means of addressing and reaching out to Konkanis across the continent. Your advertisement will get the attention it deserves! Souvenir advertisement rates are on our website. Please send in your Souvenir literary entries, advertisements and any specific Souvenir questions or suggestions to the following e-mail address:  souvenir@konkani2012.org


In addition to the Souvenir advertisements, please note that patrons can make donations through North American Konkani Association, NAKA (tax-deductible in US) to support our Sammelan. Also, many companies have Gift-Matching programs. NAKA would most likely be on many companies’ list of community/cultural non-profit organizations eligible for gift matching. Please visit our website to make donations or email donations@konkani2012.org with your proposal or any questions. Please note that registration fees paid by delegates cover only a part of the Sammelan expenses. Many of the expenses are covered by your generous donations and sponsorships. Donations of any amount, large and small, are most welcome and gratefully acknowledged by the Sammelan Organizing Committee.


Please visit our website and send in your nominations for awards of excellence in 9 different fields: Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Science/Research, Technology, Entrepreneurship/Professional achievement, Education/Public Service, Sports and Youth. Persons of Konkani descent living in North America are eligible for being nominated. Please email  awards@konkani2012.org for any questions on award nomination.

What to do next

Konkani Sammelan is our opportunity in North America to showcase our community spirit and culture. Your attendance in large numbers at the Sammelan will mean a lot to the Konkani presence and voice in North America. It is like our Cricket World Cup. We need to win this world cup. Please provide your support to this community event by registering as soon as possible before December 31. You may reach us at sammelan@konkani2012.org with any general questions, concerns and suggestions regarding Konkani Sammelan 2012.

Please call or email your friends and relatives in North America and around the world, and inform them about this Sammelan. Specifically, please tell them about the Dec 31 discount deadline. They will get discount through early bird pricing for showing early commitment, while it also helps the Organizing Committee tremendously in planning this big event successfully. We look forward to welcoming you to the Konkani Sammelan 2012. We will endeavor to make it an absolutely fabulous and memorable experience.

Devu Baren Karo,

Konkani Sammelan 2012 – Organizing Committee

Appendix:  Souvenir Guidelines

Articles and short stories

Topics pertaining to the Sammelan theme should have a maximum limit of 3-4 pages with a word limit of 2000 words


Poetry should be limited to 2 pages with a word limit of 800-1000 words

Essay Competition

Topic:  Being Konkani and retaining our essence far away from the homeland

Categories: Ages 12 and under; 13 to 19; above 20 years

Drawing Competition

Creative Theme:  Celebrating Indian festivals with Konkani flavors

Categories: Ages 5-8; 9-12; 12-15 years


  1. beautiful concept of home away from home,trying to do the same in Gujarat,all d best for forthcoming sammelan,we r into social work specially in d field of eye care,hope to attend the function next time

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