Kodial Shri Venkataramana Temple – Jeernodhara – Photos by Manju N.

Lord Venkateshwara’ incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the Kaliyuga is worshipped by the Gowd Saraswath Brahmins as their ‘Ishtha Devatha’. Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha is worshipped predominantly in Sri Venkataramana Temple situated at Car Street of Mangalore City a renowned temple belonging to the G.S.B. Community with a glorious history. This holy abode of the Lord is enshrined in the existing structure which is believed to be about 3 centuries old and required renovation technically called as “Jeernoddhara” which has been implemented in accordance with the tenets of the Shastras by seeking guidance from the religious heads.
It is needless to emphasize that Jeernoddhara is a major task requiring coordinated efforts from the various sections of the Samaj by evolving plans of systematic execution of each part of the project in consultation with engineers, architects and other resource persons of expertise for proper accomplishment within a minimum time frame. For this purpose the Council of Trustees was entrusted with the required authority and responsibility of evolving measures for coordinated efforts by constituting a suitable Committee with well defined functions of properly organizing the renovation works and the Council of the Temple has thus formed the Committee.
The Jeernoddhara Committee took an auspicious start by receiving the divine blessings of the Dharma Guru of the Samaj, His Holiness Srimad Sudhindra Thirtha Swamiji, Matadhipathi of Sri Kashi Math Samsthan Varanashi on the Punyathithi Day of the Parama Guru His Holiness Srimad Vibhudhendra Thirtha Swamiji. It is true that the deity of Lord Sri Veera Venkatesha with the sword hanging from the waist, an image of unique identity of grace, elegance and majesty was consecrated in the Garbhagriha in the year 1804 by the divine hands of the Parama Guru Srimad Vibhudhendra Thirtha Swamiji. It may also be mentioned here that this Temple owes its allegiance in religious matters to Sri Kashi Math Samsthan.
The relevant drawings denoting the reconstruction works are furnished herein separately. The works include granite construction, teak wood work, copper roofings, golden Kalasha on the top of the Garbhagriha, Golden Simhasana, Dhwajasthambha with silver covering and so on. The total cost of the complete works is estimated at around Rs. 12 Crores.
Whatever is offered to God in token of devotion will be reciprocated in abundance thereby glorifying the bliss of the divine power. Renovation is an act of rededication of our devotion to the Lord who is all merciful in granting the desired boon for the upliftment of our entire Samaj all over the country and abroad.
Trustees of the Council and members of the Jeernoddhara Committee take this opportunity of appealing to all philanthropic devotees for their whole hearted support (thanu, mana, dhana) to be worthy of the divine grace of God and blessings of our Gurudev.
Your generous contributions towards this noble cause may kindly be remitted through the undermentioned bank accounts in the name of “Shree Venkataramana Temple, Car Street, Mangalore” or directly to the Jeernoddhara Committee Office at the Temple.
Corporation Bank, Car Street Branch – S.B. A/c No. – 13892
Canara Bank, Car Street Branch – S.B. A/c No. – 31199


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