Kodial Teru (Car festival) Photo album – 2010

mangalore-kodial-teru-2010 With the grace of Lord Balaji, we have with us this year a generous photographic contribution of Kodial Teru from Manju Neereshwalya. To people around Mangalore, Manju needs no introduction. His pictures are most sought after, and  are featured in almost every newspaper and website related to Mangalore. We welcome Manju as a contributor to Radio Idli and request his continued support… read more to see the photo slide show…

We have a bonus album by our loyal photography contributor Swaroopa Shenoy from Bangalore.. the slideshow of her album with a link to the complete album may be accessed below

Hope we all get a chance to visit the Kodial teru in person, next year.


  1. Thank u very much for the beautiful photos which helped us to be in the immediate presence of Srimad Venkatramana ( Balaji ) bedecked in absolute natural finery.

    Do send such beautiful recipes, a delight for our eyes, song to ears, & joy and bliss to the mind.

    Humble regards..,

  2. Thank you very much for the nice pics.I have been longing for the same for the past several years.Now Radio idli fullfilled my desire.Thanking you once again.

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