Heritage Yakshagana Puppets of Uppinakuduru


Uppinakuduru is a town near Kundapura, Karnataka, which may not gain instant recall unless you are an ardent lover of Yakshagana Puppets. For over 6 generations, the Uppinakuduru Kamath’s family has been the pioneer and torchbearer of the Art of Yakshagana Puppetry. Bhaskar Kogga Kamath is currently the lead “Sutradhar” of this invaluable heritage art and Saraswat Pride. We bring to you a slide show of few photographs of their show at Kurla Balaji Mandir, and an earnest appeal to donate for a great cause…. read on..

While you enjoy the slideshow below, be reminded that this art is preserved solely by a GSB family across ages, with barely any external support. Bhaskar Kamath has now envisaged a dedicated institute and performance center for this rare and diminishing art. The total layout of the project is about Rs. 2 Crore of which 25% has been collected. Those of us wanting to join hands for the noble project may kindly leave your details in the form linked below, and we will help facilitate your donation. The donation is tax exempt u/s 80G. Payments will be directly payable to the trust.

Click here to provide your details. View the slideshow below

More details of this divine art and the institution running it may be found at http://www.yakshaganapuppets.com

We hope that you soon get the opportunity to see the performance in person!

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  1. Basically I am Maharashtrian and don’t know about your culture, but your website is too good..I happy to read your all information… keep posting..

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