Konkani Yakshagana Magic – Part 1

Yakshagana is an old artform that brings the magic of our Puranas and scriptures through a colourful dance ballet. Yakshagana Kala Mandali bears the unique distinction of being the only mandal that performs the traditional art form in Konkani apart from Kannada, Tulu and even English! The group had performed in Kurla Balaji Mandir on 28th February. We are glad to bring to you some colourful snaps of the ballet.

Janapriya Yakshagana Mandali has a very interesting history.. before that, here is a slideshow which is a humble attempt at capturing their splendour:

The name “Janapriya” was bestowed upon with blessings by Parampujya Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji of Shri Kashi Mutth Sansthan. During one of their Pravachan, Swamiji had mentioned that Yakshagana is like a divine activity, that propagates the name of the God and His Glory through the most beautiful and colourful enactment. It is equivalent to a divine ritual like a Bhagwat Saptaha or even Bhajana seva.

Among the founding members, was Shri Rama Nayak, the Father of Udupi Restaurant revolution in India. Not many people know that, apart from his gold-lettered contribution to the Hotel Industry, there was an artistic side which saw him dress up and give outstanding Yakshagana Ballet performances. Radio Idli pays its humble tribute to this great Saraswat, whose restaurant chain has even lent the “Idli” to Radio Idli (Idli house is a restaurant owned by Shri Rama Nayak’s family, and its Filter coffee and idlis have been a major fuel for our project).

Omkar Hegde

We would also like to make a special mention of Smt. Mohini Hegde, and her talented son Omkar, who was one of the youngest artist and among the best posers for the photographs. The enthusiasm and perfection of the young master was a reflection of the encouragement and support of a caring mother. She cared enough to contact us and find out when we would be posting the article.. So Mohini-akka and Omkar.. here we are for you 🙂

Speaking of the glory of mother.. you will be happy to know that the Part 2 of the Yakshagana ballet is about our Divine Mother.. Keep watching Radio Idli.. you will be served st(r)eaming hot! (“home delivery” of our Idli posts available through our mailing service.. you may subscribe for email updates)


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