Vote Aditya Pai into Indian Idol – your support needed

Aditya Pai, a young MBA + Engineer based in Mumbai, has an amazing voice as you may realize from the unplugged video that he has shared here. His talent deserves to get selected for Indian Idol, for which we all need to help him. Watch the video and share it with as many friend as possible to hel Aditya!  He presents to us Ishq Sufiana – in the recording below:

Aditya, we wish you get many Ishq Sufianas from India and world over… All the best

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  1. Hey bro,

    Nice singing!! Thoda aur khul ke gao.. I feel like you are restricting yourself.. Overall, well sung.. Considering the fact that this is one take!! All the best.. We might compete with each other.. 😉

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