Two Great GSBs – Whistling Melody and Whistle-blowing Journalism

Part 1>> Whistleblowing 1 – Whistling Melodies – Rajesh Koppikar

Radio idli takes the pleasure of inviting into its family, Shri Rajesh Koppikar, an artist with a unique gift. His video channel on Youtube ( has 245 songs and is lined up with farmaish’s (song requests)!

Rajesh will be most glad to have your Farmaish too!! So do write or comment back.

Hear his songs below.. if you have a request kindly leave behind a comment here. You may also write to

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Rajesh’s Profile:

Rajesh Koppikar is an Atlanta resident & lives in Alpharetta with his wife, Jayashree. They’ve been here since June 2000. Rajesh works for Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. as Principal Project Manager. He’s been with Siemens for more than 20 years and has worked in India, Germany & USA in various positions. Rajesh has an unusual hobby and that is “whistling”. He started whistling since his childhood days and has mastered the art step by step. Whistling Hindi film songs is his forte but has whistled various Marathi & English songs too. Since March 2007, Rajesh found YouTube to be a great medium for sharing his whistling videos with rest of the world and has received an overwhelming response. Over the past one year, he has uploaded over 260 videos that have been viewed over 100,000 times worldwide. Going by the comments & star ratings that viewers have given to his videos, he seems to be doing a very good job of popularizing whistling as a performing art form.

Rajesh is also the current President of Konkani Association of Georgia (KAOG – and has produced, directed and acted in Konkani plays staged in Atlanta. One of the three-act plays “Baayil Jaayi Baayil” was also staged in Hamilton, Canada during the 2006 Konkani Sammelan and was a big hit.

Part 2>> Whistleblowing 2 – Pristine Journalism – Mahesh Prabhu (blog of Mahesh’s editorials and writings)
From the US we now fly back to our hometown, Where we have Mahesh Prabhu joining the Radio Idli family as a great support. Mahesh, unlike most youngsters stayed away from the flare of flying abroad. After holding responsible positions in MNCs, Mahesh finally decided to pursue his passion as a career – Writing. He works as the Editor-in-chief of a Monthly Magazine – Aseema – Journal of National Resurgence. Noted journalists of varied opinions like Mr. M J Akbar, Shri MV Kamath and Mr. Tarun Vijay (editor of RSS publication – Panchajanya) find themselves comfortable voicing it together in this publication.


Whistleblowing?.. Yes but not always pleasing melodies, but the awakening drumbeats….
Mahesh has been instrumental in reporting about the insult to great legends like Shri M. V. Kamath by our authorities. He was the first one to write candidly about the ouster of M. J. Akbar as the editor of Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age owing to pressures from the high command of our country. While other media was busy covering glamour, sensation and paid for content, Its only Journalists of the likes of Mahesh who form the surviving hope of credible journalism in our country.

Must Reads of Mahesh –
1) Mahesh’s report on Shri M V Kamath – “Is this the way to treat a legend?”.
2) Is the decline of the Fourth Estate here and happening?

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Coming up soon… Balachandra Casts a spell through Radio Idli’s first concert in Mumbai


Watch the Photographs right here (click)  

Recordings will follow soon!

Stay Tuned and Stay Forever Beautiful!,


  1. @anu.. Glad to see your comment here, Anu 🙂 thanks for sharing the link.. Its indeed a great honor to have Rajesh on the site!

    @Vinayak… You are right .. my keyboard moved faster than my brain and got the other deccan.. i have just corrected that.. Thanks!

  2. Rajesh maam…awesome. No words. Will surely hear the interview too. Thanks Anu for that.

    Mahesh, keep up the good work. Not many have the courage to do what you are doing. I have read your articles in the magazine.

    Must say, I was fortunate to hear Balachandra live in concert and am eagerlt waiting to hear him again on RI!!

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