A Unique Kodial Teru experience in 25 minutes – Directorial Debut by Sithesh

“A beautiful walkthrough of the Kodial Teru, with the ambience of the festival, and its people, at the center” is how i would describe the directorial debut of a young Art Director of our Samaaj – Sithesh Govind. The 25 minute video walkthrough of the great festival, with some great visual effects and editing, has been recently blessed and released by Shrimad Sudhindra Teertha Swamiji of Shri KashiMatth Sansthan. We provide you here a 3 minute glimpse into the video, and an opportunity to place a CD request from the man himself — Sithesh Govind.. Check the article for more details and the video

3 minute Video will play below. In case you would like to request your own copy of the CD, kindly request for your own copy through this link:

Click here to place a request for complete CD – (an ideal gift for your friends and family, and an encouragement for a great community artist).

Scroll down for the video clip

The Glory of Lord Veera Venkatesha – A short film about Kodial Theru from sithesh on Vimeo.

Click here to place a request for complete CD – (an ideal gift for your friends and family, and an encouragement for a great community artist)

More about the project and Sithesh

The film begins with a library shot and the cast spots a book relating to Shree Veera Venkatesha and this inspires him for further quest for virtual divine experience. This unique film is the director’s maiden attempt in short documentary filmmaking.

Sithesh Chandra Govind is an advertising professional, who nurtures a passion for strong visualization and great ideation skills and ability to execute the ideas, for creating both visual and textual content for communication solutions across India.

He has been instrumental in creating some very fascinating press ad campaigns. He used to prepare TVC, Brochures and storyboards during his advertising career.

After the completion of degree in art (academy of visual art) and visual communication, digital video film production with special effects from All Saints College, Cochin, he earned a degree in Behavioral Science-Psychology.

After his college studies, he worked as freelance designer and ideation specialist with various advertising agencies.

Later he worked in MAA Bozzel, Guide+Cornet as a creative designer and Mudra communication as a visualizer. He also worked as a creative art director in Adsync – a Manipal Group Company. Then he moved to the Middle East country and worked in multi national advertising agency in Dubai.

Some noteworthy accounts that were handled by him includes MAHE University, Manipal Health Care, Manipal Hospitals, Manipal Media Network, Manipal Press, Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM, BigBazar, Pantaloon, MRPL, NMPT, Manovi Motors, Vish Clinic, Maaya Klinic, LG, Pai international etc…


  1. Good job sithesh ..have watched it …its really relishing feel like i can enjoy kodial theru whenever i want to just by playing this short movie…I expect many more such documentires in future also… Gud Luck….

  2. Congratulations ! This is beautifully documented, worth a treasure for the future generations. Indeed a nice visual treat, preserving the beauty, culture and tradition involved in the festival which is not just
    another temple event. It symbolizes our settlement, as a unifying force and occasion to cherish at all times.

    Keep it up, Sithesh and Nagesh ! You have enriched the contributions of modern GSB Youth.

    Best regards,
    Payyanur Ramesh Pai

  3. Congrats! This is really a document more than a great treasure for our children and GSB people who stayed abroad. You have done a tremendous job and maintained the culture and sanctity of Hindu religion.Hats off to you dear Sitheshmam and dear Nagesh mam. You both have uplifted our GSB youths. God bless you both eternally.

  4. nice video
    Keep it up, Sithesh and Nagesh ! You have enriched the contributions of modern GSB Youth.

  5. Uttam (Good). This has come out very nicely. Editing is defintely worth appricaition. As a audience I have suggestions. The first and Last scenes were really came out the best. they spill some rare feeling in the viewer. I appriciate your effort and Wish you all the best for your future projects.

    Please note I am not a technial guy hence excuse me if my comments are trivial.

    1. I think there were more Transformations (Morphs) which may dilute the viewers intensity and involvement

    2. Capture and siplay emotions, as an example, instead of expressionless saxophone player add a shot when the player was displaying emotions. Capture the peoples feeling when they say Govindan Govindo Govinda and pulling the teru. Capture the emotions like that old lady parying to Lord in the charriot.

    3. You can blend the Classical music with the sounds of bell and some kind of music that will go better with the scenes like You can have a Flute, Sitar or such solo instruments overlapped with the actual bell and “Jagant” sound etc. That sound may be studio created

  6. Thanks for all, Suggestions and comments will be always accepted by me with great honour, this shall pave scope for improvisation.
    Thank you once again, wish me luck!.God bless bless.

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