Sampoorna Sita Kalyan in Vyshali’s fresh voice

Sampoorna Sita Kalyan in Vyshali’s fresh voice

Vyshali Mallya

Vyshali Ravikiran Mallya presents to us a completely straight from heart rendition of Sampoorna Sita Kalyan, a famous lullaby which quite a few of us have heard from our grand parents. This is not the first time we are sharing this song, however the pure voice and amazing talent of Vyshali is what we would like to bring forth for your ears!

Vyshali is currently pursuing her MTech. in Signal Processing at Bangalore, where she stays with her husband and in-laws.

Konkani Song- Aykere tu Putta by vvn306

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  1. Very well sung with clear words and Konkani tone. Keep it up. May God bless to contribute more and more to our culture.
    My mom used to sing this, the very same structure.

  2. Very nicely sung. It rejenuvated my child hood days where I used to sing the same in our temple at Koteshwar.

  3. Thanks for your all your kind comments. I am sure this would encourage Vyshali to contribute more!

  4. THanks for your comment Mahesh-maam. We will check with our known sources and let you know.

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