Raag Adana – Dr. Kiran Shirlal

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome Dr. Kiran Shirlal – An accomplished classical singer and a PhD. professor in engineering at the prestigious NITK (formerly KREC) Surathkal, Mangalore.

In the first of a two part series, Dr. Shirlal presents to us a composition in Raag Adaana (available in the podcast below).

Directions to hear: Please press the play button in ANY ONE of the widgets below. If the audio breaks and doesnt play continuous, (due to slower connections) press the pause (same play button with || mark) again and play after two minutes.


01 – Raag Adana – Dr. Kiran Shirlal at Muziboo.com

About Dr. Kiran Shirlal, the artist:

  • 14 years of Learning and practising Khayal Gaayki of Hindustani classical music from Pt. K. M. Dass of Indore Gharana
  • Completed Sangeet Vidwat, Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Alankar degrees
  • Hari Om Puraskaar for Music excellence
  • Currently receiving advance guidance from Shri Shivdas Chandavarkar, Kirana Gharana
  • Most memorable performances:
    • Pt. Sawai Gandharva Music festival, Dharwad
    • Ustad Abdul Kareem Khan Saheb Music festival, Miraj

About the Professor Dr. Kiran Shirlal:

  • Civil Engineering graduation from Mysore University
  • PG. degree in offshore engineering at IIT Mumbai under Govt. Scholarship
  • Diploma in Management
  • PhD in Coastal Engineering
  • 50 papers in international journals and conferences
  • “Jal Vigyaan Puraskaar” for research by Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune

Radio Idli welcomes Dr. Shirlal and would request him to regularly give all saraswat listeners a treat divine through the humble site.


  1. Congratulations.Enjoyed Adana very much.Looking forward for many more Ragas-preferably Hansadwani,malkauns-our favourites.Your Adana reminded of Pandit Jasraj’s.Keepit up.
    GodBless you.

  2. Namaskara Kiran,

    Thumba chennagi haadteera. KeLi bahaLa santoshvaaiythu. Innoo hechchina eeLgeyanna Devaru nimage koDali antha prartthisteeni. Nimma Malkauns kooDa ashte chennagide.

    Simply delighted to hear your renderings. Wish you the best.

    Narasimha Shurpali

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