Puttur Pandurang Nayak – Live in concert, Abu Dhabi

Video Courtesy : Vitthaldas Kamath 

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We are deeply blessed to have the consent and content from Shri Puttur Pandurang Nayak-Maam, one of the pioneers of Konkani Bhajans. Shri Vitthaldas Kamath and Shri Ramesh Pai of the Abu Dhabi Amchigele Samaaj, have taken the efforts to record, document and share with us excerpts from a lovely Bhajan Sandhya event at Abu Dhabi. I take the pleasure of thanking them and welcoming them as a part of the Radio Idli community. I would request them to support us throughout to keep us in touch with our brethern in UAE.


His compositions have been a great guide to music lovers and devotional singers alike in our Samaaj. Simplicity is indeed a magnificent characteristic that shines forth in Nayak-maam and his Music.


The young and humble team of Radio Idli bows to this and takes immense joy in sharing his performance with the Samaaj, online.




A note about the event by Shri Ramesh Pai:


Abu Dhabi Amchigeles were fortunate to attend a Bhajan Sandhya by Sri. PutrturPanduranga Nayak & party on 2008 January 12th (Saturday). The event was heldin the evening at Sri. Prashant Shenoy’s residence. 90 minutes’ time was packed with good number of devotional songs in Kannada, Sanskrit, Konkani, Marathi & Hindi.

At the end, Sri.S.M.Rao honoured Sri.Nayak, the vocalist, as well as Sri.VishwanathShenoy, who played on Harmonium. The event also celebrated the successful conductof Akhand Bhajan in Dubai the previous day. Slot for ADAS was successfully utilised withnice bhajans well presented under the leadership of Sri.Srinivas Kini, the founder memberof ADAS Bhajan Mandali. Sri.S.M.Rao also honoured Srinivas Kini for his dedicated servicesand consistent commitment for the cause during the occasion.

Video clips of a few bhajans sung by Sri.Puttur Panduranga Nayak have been uploaded in thefollowing web link : http://www.youtube.com/user/shubhavkamath Sri.Vittaldas Kamath has been kkind enough to document the felicitation part of the event too. Now it is possible to view and re-view the event at your fingertips. Thanks to ADAS Core committee for organising the event which was enjoyed by one and all wholeheartedly.


Shri Ramesh Pai




There is more content expected from our Middle East brethern, thanks to support from all of you, who share faith in the initiative. If you are interested in sourcing Saraswat content in terms of saraswat event coverage in audio and video, songs/ talent show videos of your friends and family members, please feel free to write to us at radioidli@gmail.com.

We will be glad to assist you.

Stay tuned… Stay beautiful 🙂


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