New look and Live webcast of my home Ganesh

Hello friends,

On the auspicious occassion of Ganesh Chaturthi, i take the pleasure of launching the new look of Radio Idli. The new logo began with efforts from Nithin Rao, our in house graphic expert. The background of the leaf and the other iterations came along with our team’s collectively discussion.

Do leave your comments for the same and —->

Please check the live webcast of my home Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations today right here:



  1. Huna Idli (Talents) Nave Pannari (New Look) Sambar ani Chutney vottu Served St(r)eaming Hot….Mouth watering Baba…..Thank U RI team….

  2. idli on kellipaan! i think its very very very amchi.

    i guess most of the amchi homes have idli-sambar atleast once a week, usually on sunday.

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