Mulki Rama Navami Teru – Photo Tour by Prathvish Bhat

Be blessed through this photo tour of the famous and utmost holy, Shri Rama Navami Teru (Rathotsava – Chariot Festival) of Mulki Shri Venkataramana Temple. Prathvish Bhat, son of  Vaidik Shri LaksmiNarayan Bhat-maam, brings us this great opportunity to revisit the festival from wherever we are, through this beautifully captured Photo-slideshow. May God bless him with the choicest blessings, while we are blessed seeing these delightful photographs.

More about Prathvish:

Prathvish Bhat
Prathvish Bhat

Prathvish Bhat is a student of BBM at Vijaya College, Mulki and is the son of Shri LakshmiNarayan Bhat-maam who is one of the respected Vaidiks blessed with the opportunity of service to the Mulki Temple. His eye for photography is highly evident from the set of photographs sent to us.

Please scroll down for the complete album. If you are unable to see the album  you may click here – Mulki Rathotsava


  1. Hi Prathvish good work,very nice snaps and also thanks to radio idli to brought us these snaps.

  2. Hello Prathvish,
    Thanks for uploading Mulki Theru photographs. Covered most of the events
    of the occasion. Excellent work. Keep it up.

  3. h ello pratvish, excellent coverage of mulki ramnavami celebrations, plse try to coverage more pics of mulky

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