Mind Boggling Songs From Broad Minded Konkanis

Broad Minded Konkanis(BMK) is a Facebook Group started by Kudpiraj and managed by Mukund Kamath and four other Admins, Rammohan Pai, Madhukantha Kamath, Aparna Kamath and Seema Bhandary(D Border). BMK has many talented singers who have sung to perfection. Mukund Kamath is undoubtedly the ace singer of BMK Group. In this post, you may find the singing abilities of BMK members, but first let me start with Mukund Kamath’s funny Konkani song “Pai Mammale Kaama Challo” sung to the tune of “Chammak Challo” from Ra One. –

Click here to listen to “Pai Mammale Kaama Challo” by Mukund Kamath

Mythili Pai Maroor is a teenage sensation in BMK. She is Maroor Rammohan Pai and Vandana Shanbhag Pai’s daughter. She is also in sports and her parents are sporty, sportiveand supportive too! Her mother Vandana Shanbhag Pai is well known to the world as Olympics athlete.

Mythili’s passion is singing and performing. Her attempts to achieve high places in such adventures are well supported by her parents. Today Mythili has emerged as a Teenage singing sensation without much publicity.

It our small attempt to introduce a great talent to Aamchis. Here is Mythili Pai Maroor with her fantastic song ‘Yeh Ishq Haye’ from Jab We Met. Check it out!

Click here to listen to “Yeh Ishq Haye” by Mythili Pai Maroor

In BMK, we had duet Challenge among the members. Mukund Kamath sang the song ‘Tu Hi Re’ from Bombay and challenged female members to fill the female singer’s part. Vasanthi R Nayak of Swarashree Kalaa Vedike Mangalore was the judge.
Here is the winning entry  of that Challenge. Listen to the powerful singing of Mukund Kamath and the melodious voice of Shilpa Pai Bhandary –

Click here to listen to “Tu Hi Re” Duet by Mukund Kamath and Shilpa Pai

Mythili Pai Marror sings English pop songs with fluency and ease. Here’s “Superstar” by Jamelia sung by Mythili with amazing perfection! –

Click here to listen to “Superstar” by Mythili Pai Maroor

Sumana Shenoy is an upcoming singer in BMK Group and has sung many Hindi and Kannada songs and won hearts of many song lovers. here she sings “Ullasada Hoomale” from ‘Cheluvina Chitthaara’, a hit Kannada song originally rendered by Shreya Ghoshal –

Click here to listen to “Ullasada Hoomela” by Sumana Shenoy


BMK has one more talented singer who is working as Technical Manager with Bharath Big Cinemas, Mangalore. Ashwin Prabhu M is a self styled singer who is versatile in singing songs by just about any Hindi singer. His rendition of Pyar Ke Pal originally sung by KK is just superb! –

Click here to listen to “Pyar Ke Pal” by Ashwin Prabhu M


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