Konkani Kasturi – by Payyanur Ramesh Pai

Payannur Ramesh Pai


Here we bring to you a song in the form of a dialog. This dialog reveals an interesting discussion that takes between an Uncle and a few Aunts. The dialog needs to be noted in the background of our exodus from Goa down to south centuries ago. This song was passed on from generation to generation around Kochi, where a considerable chunk of the Konkani population got settled, leaving several precious materials back in the homeland, but just carrying with them whatever they could at that point of time. It is only natural that even a family got split into several pieces, especially as in those days the joint family system was prevalent. This song just assumes that an Uncle (who arrived in one of the earlier batches), meets a few aunts who reach during later chunks, and inquires about the state of affair back home after he left them. Some of the queries raised appear funny while some others seem to raise eyebrows. At last the Uncle releases a sigh of relief, consoling and appreciating the aunties in their being able to protect our culture and upholding the tradition. The male voice heard in the audio clip is that of Sri. Muralidhar Shenoy from Kochi, and this was presented during the Konkani Folklore Seminar held there over 16 years ago.

Download the transcript of the song – LOKA SAMVAD-Transcript

Audio below:

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  1. Thanks to Shri.Ramesh Pai Payanoor and Radio idli for transmitting it.
    I think we can put it for a discussion before the learned. The following points to be considered for detailed study.
    1. What is the culture they preserved. (limited to the lines)
    2. What is relation between the male and female in the song ( We can call anybody as “mama”. But here he may a real uncle.
    3. Like above, we can call a elder woman as “Mother”. For calling mother we are use “Age”. Is the ladies/ lady a elder woman. If so, why she call the male as “Mama”.
    4. Will we accept a lady who returned after a forcible custody.
    5. The order of happenings (giving bed, food, chanbel…) can be rearranged.
    6. Is this is our culture or narration ?
    Thanks again.

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