Glimpses of Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya in Bengalooru

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We are glad to welcome Ashok Prabhu as our contributing member. Ashok is based in Bengalooru, and works as a Lead Consultant for an US MNC in Bengalooru in their IT division. Ashok is very active with RSB Youth Association, and manages their AFE (assist for education) programme that helps underprivileged students, particularly in rural areas.

Video Slideshow with Glimpses of Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya, Shri Saunsthan Gaudapadacharya Mutt, Kavale, Goa – Bengalooru Mokkam  from 26th Feb 2010 to 1st March 2010.

Photos by : Ashok Prabhu and Shrikanth Prabhu – Bengalooru.

Here is a report of the Divine event:

It was a mega event for Bengalooru Rajapura Saraswath Swamaj, It was a 34 year long wait to have Darshan of our Kulaguru sice the inception of the Sangh in the capital city of Karnataka. It was an event, first of its kind for Bengalooru RSBians. On 26th February 2010 a day to be written in Golden Letters in History of Bengalooru RSB community. We never had organized a program of this scale and magnitude where thousands of people visited continuously 4 days which required hundreds of volunteers.

It was a festive mood, a feeling of being blessed, like taking a holy bath in River Ganga, a feeling of fulfillment you would feel after visiting Manasa Sarovar. It was indeed like Lord coming to our door steps to bless his disciple, yes we had it all. It had to be a big event; it was none other than our beloved Kula Guru Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya’s first ever 4 days Mokkam in namma Bengalooru from 26th February 2010 to 1st March 2010, to bless all of us. It was a rare opportunity for us to perform Guru Seva right in our city. It is important to note that every RSBians in Bangalore grabbed this Holy opportunity by both the hands !

26th Feb 2010: Early morning at 4.30am, not bothered of early morning sleep, around 40 people with about 21 Cars with ‘Om’ flags tied, gathered at Yeshwantpur railway station to witness the great dawn which enlightened by the graceful visit by Kula Guru Swamiji Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya, coming from Kavale Mutt, Goa. There was a curiosity, excitement, a festive mood on the faces of young and old gathered on the railway platform. Finally train reached an hour late at 6am. Shri Swamiji was welcomed with garlands and pure devotion by the people and lead to waiting cars outside with Jaya ghoshas along with Mutt Parivar. The motorcade started the journey from railway station in calmness of early morning mist through the well known places of Bengalooru to Mokkam venue Shri Dwarakanath Bhavan at Basavanagudi.

At the venue Shri Swamiji’s huge cut-out was put-up at the entrance gate along with welcome banners and decorated pendal erected outside the bhavan and a white cloth with rose petals was spread on the path of Shri Swamiji’s lotus feet. More than 50 women in silk sarees holding ‘purna kumbha’ stood either side of the path greeting Shri swamiji. Live music of trumpets and dhols gave the occasion a festive touch.

There was a briefing by our President Sri Manohar S Nayak about RSB Samaj in Bangalore & offered prayers at the Lotus feet of Gurooji with Aarti.Sr swaamiji blessed the Shishya varga & expressed his pleasure for organizing GuruVandana.

Later we had Puja performed by Shri Swamiji to Lord Shri Bhavani Shankar. There was Nava Chandi Homa performed by 8 Purohiths. Lalitha Sahasra namarchane & Mahishasura Mardhini Sthotra patan by Mahila Samaj performed at the Sannidhi of Chandika Matha. Shri Swamiji blessed the occasion by participating in Poornahuti. About 800 people had gathered at the venue. In the evening we had Harikatha Kalakshepa by renowned artist Shri Bhadragiri Achyutadas. He narrated the story of ‘Pashupathastra Prapti’ with his usual witty humor. With huge crowed gathered to listen to Shri Achyutadas, Shri Swamiji also graced the occasion with his divine presence and listened to the Harikatha and enjoyed the program.

27th Feb 2010: we had Pooja performed by Shri Swamiji to Lord Bhavanishankar, Laghu rudra Swahakara homa performed by 11 priests of our community. Lingasthaka,Bilvasthaka patan performed by Mahila Samaj.Poornahuthi was graced by Sri Swamijis divine presence. About thousand people had gathered on the occasion. This day evening program was scheduled at ‘Pai Vista Convention Hall’ near Dwarakanath Bhavan. Shri swamiji was taken to new venue flanked by motorcade rally. After performing Shri Swamiji’s Pada puja and Ashirvachana, eminent singer Shri Shankar Shanbhhog’s ‘Bhakti Sanje’ enthralled the audience with his melodious songs.

28th Feb 2010: Shri Swamiji performed Puja to Lord Bhavani Shankar. This year’s annual Satyanarayana Puja was performed on this Paurnami day(Full Moon day), very auspicious day indeed. Morning we had Hari Katha by our own up-coming artist Ms Stuthi Nayak from Puttur. She narrated the story and importance of Gaja Gauri Vrata .This followed by Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namarchane & Classic Bhajans by (Kamath family) In the evening, after Shri Swamiji’s Paada Puja Shri Satchidananda Kripa Poshita Yakshagana Mandali from Mumbai, a troop of Yakshagana artists from Mumabi RSB community performing Shri ‘Chandra Hasa Charitre’. The yakshagana program went on for 4 and half hours and Dwarakanath Bhavan was full house with Shri Swamiji taking some time to witness the performance. The audience enjoyed the performance, the humor in the play made audience burst into laughter now and then. Very large crowd was seen on this day with large number of GSB brethren making it to the occasion; about 1700 people had visited & get blessed by Sri Gurooji & Lord Bhavani Shankar..

1st March 2010: It was last day of the Mokkam program, we could evidently see some kind of gloom, sadness on the faces because a fantastic program was coming to an end and by evening Shri Swamiji was scheduled to Leave for Chennai. There wasn’t special puja’s lined up for the day. In morning Guru Sevak’s (Yes volunteers were not called as usual ‘Swayam sevak’s’ instead ‘Guru Sevak’s devoted deeply to the Seva of our Kula Guru and his disciples) had special satsang with Shri Swamiji. Couple of new Konkani (Amchi bhasha) devotional songs Written & composed by our own members were sung and presented to the lotus feet of Shri Swamiji, followed by Ashirvachana by Shri Swamiji. For Guru Sevak’s it was a rare opportunity to get blessed and clicked in group with their Guruji, and indeed a very special occasion to remember forever. Later Shri Swamiji performed the Puja to Lord Bhavani Shankar and distributed the Phala-Mantrakshate to the devotees.

Evening a grand Samaropa samarambha was organized. With divine presence of Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya, 77th Mathadipathi of Sri Saunsthan Gaudapadacharya Mutt , Kavale, we had on the dias Chief Guests Shri Yogish Bhat, MLA from Mangalore constituency , and our own community leaders Shri Rangamoorthy, Member of KPSC and Former president of CAMPCO and Shri Anna Vinay Chandra, former MLC and President of Shri Saraswati Education Society, Puttur. Shri Dr.V.S.Acharya, honorable home mister of Karnataka state was the president of the program. Dr.V.S.Acharya reminded the audience greatness of the Shri Gaudapadachrya Mutt parampara stressing the great Contribution of Shri Gaudapadacharya to Sanatana Dharma through his Advaita Philosphy , Gaudapada Karika and giving Deeksha to Shri Shankaracharya through his Shishya Shri Govindapadacharya. Dr.Acharya further promised the audience that he will pursue the matter with honorable Chief Minister of Karnataka for granting Land for Shri Gaudapadacharya Mutt in Bengalooru to open a mutt branch. Shri M.S.Nayak, president of Rajapur Saraswat Samaj (Regd.), was also present on the dias. Later Shri Swamiji blessed the guests with Phala Mantrakshate

In all 4 days in every interval Melodious Bhajans were sung by Shri Saraswati Bhajana Mandali formed by our own Samaj members and also by troops of Gauda Saraswat Samaj members giving the atmosphere a devotional vibration. Breakfast, Lunch and dinner was served to all.

About 6000 people attended the event in four days. Every day Bhiksha seva and Shri Guru Pada pooja was performed apart from Ashirvachana by Shri Swamiji.

In this modern age of science and technology, human values are challenged by monetary values. As the Majority of the young generation of our community working in High-tech field, there was a assumption in the minds that youths are loosing interest in spirituality. To prove this wrong, large number of youth’s participated actively in this 4 days event that reiterated the fact that our community youths aware of need for spirituality along with their usual mundane office work.. Serving Guru and God provides them the peace and spiritual strength. An event of this scale would not have been possible without the experience and guidance of seniors and energy and enthusiasm of youth, which was at display at the venue for all to witness. It was an example how if seniors and youth can come together and join hands, can achieve anything and can serve the community better.

This event will be remembered for a long time to come. Almost every member of the community, rich or poor contributed on his own way for the success of this program. With Lord Shri Bhavani Shankar’s grace and Shri Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya’s blessings this event will bring a paradigm shift in Rajapura Saraswats living in Bengalooru, which can be seen in time to come.

To know more about Shri Saunsthan Gaudapadacharya Mutt, do visit:

Official Website of the Mutt:

== Om Shri Gurubhyo Namah ===

Report by: Ashok Prabhu

President – RSB Youth Association (Regd)., Bengalooru.



  1. Thanks a lot to Sri Ashok Prabhu and Sri Shrikanth Prabhu for providing Glimpses of Shrimat Shivananda Saraswati Swami Gaudapadacharya in Dwarakanath Bhavan Basavanagudi Bangaluru.I felt as if I was attended the function.I am very much indebted to Prbhumam.

  2. Extremely impressive reporting by Ashok Prabhu.

    My sincere suggestion is for him to pursue his journalistic talent.

    I have not only rated it as a reader but also as a person who has several years of experience in the field journalism and in English teaching.

    Ashok Prabhu as used good journalistic genre and has also followed excellent literary and language skills.

    His use of imagery leaves a clear picture in the reader’s mind.

    Well done, Keep going!!

    Good Luck
    Jai Ganesh

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