Ganesh Chaturthi webcast – 2011

Celebrate this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi watching a live webcast of the traditional Pooja at Nagesh’s home right here, on Radio Idli. The webcast will be on for the entire day of Ganesh Chaturthi – September 1, 2011. No matter what part of the world you are, feel at home viewing the webcast.

Watch the webcast through  the widget below or any of the links:

Broadcasting live with Ustream

Watch the webcast and leave your comments and wishes too!


  1. Love the lights all around it; the special effect which reminds me of the 70’s decoration we had here; the natural light coming in straight to His face…
    The silver arch (can’t browse for its name now) your uncle gifted your family with last yr, added a lovely touch too…even I would love to have it for my idol…
    The ladies dancing, the singing in the background, Ganesha has felt it coming to His core…
    May He goes on blessing you all with happiness and unity!

  2. Hi very good website. i want more see on this site. more aarati and more fuctions live aarati and pooja thanks rani

  3. Thanks for giving us an opportuity to view the live recording of the celebration and also at the same time going through the website, which is quite interesting. I hope to visit this site more often.

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