Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Comedy Play by Late Kudpi Vasudev Shenoy

Dolyan Khelu is a 45 year old Konkani comedy play written by Late Kudpi Vasudeva Shenoy(Kudpi), noted journalist and playwright of Mangalore. His wife Kudpi Rama Bai Shenoy preserved the manuscript of this play carefully and handed it over to her son Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy(Kudpiraj) who got it converted to soft copy with the help of his friend B Yogish Baliga during the Centenary year of Kudpi in 2007. There are many other plays by Kudpi which have been preserved as E-books.

Broad Minded Konkanis (BMK), a Facebook group started by Kudpiraj has been creative and Radio Idli has already showcased some of the brilliant talents of BMK. Kudpiraj along with some of the distinguished voice artists from BMK with the support of two artists from outside has come out with the Radio Play version of Dolyan Khelu which is of 90 minutes duration with 9 scenes and is presented in 5 parts here.

Dolyan Khelu story:

Spun around two Konkani GSB families, this play has 10 main characters. Jameendar Rayappu is a wealthy man living with his second wife Nethru, elder son Ramu from his first wife, Gunda and Ginda from his second wife. One day, Rayappu is struck with pain in the eye followed by acute stomach pain. His family doctor Gopalkrishnu advises operation and Rayappu is scared to undergo operation. Nethru suggests that Cheddappu staying 10 miles away at Gudde Padavu has some herbal remedy for his ailment. Cheddappu is also Rayappu’s childhood friend. He agrees to try Cheddappu’s remedies and sends his two sons Gunda and Ginda to Gudde Padavu to bring the medicine. It is almost past one day and Gunda and Ginda don’t return. Rayappu sends his elder son Ramu to go and search for them. What happens in the play may be enjoyed listening to!


1. Jameendar Rayappu – Mukund Kamath S
2. Cheddappu – Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy
3. Kushtappi – Muralidhar Kamath
4. Dr Gopalkrishnu, Ginda – Dr Sanjay Nayak Sujir
5. Gunda – Maroor Rammohan Pai
6. Nethru – Madhukantha Kamath
7. Shirdevi – Shilpa Pai Bhandary
8. Ramu – Ashwin Prabhu M
9. Gulli – Aparna Kamath

Scroll down for detailed introduction of the cast after the episode listing

Episodes 1 to 5: (play one at a time)


Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Audio Drama – Part 1 |

Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Audio Drama – Part 2 |

Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Audio Drama – Part 3 |

Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Audio Drama – Part 4 |

Dolyan Khelu – Konkani Audio Drama – Part 5 |


Mukund Kamath S:

Managing Director of M/s Ideal Ice Creams Mangalore, successful entrepreneur, talented singer and actor who is well known to the Konkani world as the man with “Thingalavre B Song” which is a runaway success. He has participated in dialogue challenge conducted by BMK and has won the first place in all the challenges conducted so far. Mukund Kamath has accepted the challenge of performing the tough role of Jameendar Rayappu.


Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy

Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy of M/s Kudpiraj Multimedia is into audio and video documentaries and ad film production, editing and scripting.Founder of BMK group, he is the motivational force in conducting many contests and quiz in BMK group and has performed the role of Gudde Padvaa Cheddappu.


Muralidhar Kamath

Muralidhar Kamath of M/s Guruleela Driving School near Urva Marigudi Mangalore, is an amateur drama artist and singer. He has acted in many plays in Konkani and Kannada and has acted in Kasargod Chinna’s plays as well. He has performed as singer at various events and is an excellent miming artist. He has acted as Kushtappi.


Dr Sanjay Nayak Sujir

Dr Sanjay Nayak Sujir is a practicing Dental Surgeon, having his clinic opposite Urva Marigudi, Mangalore. He has been actively involved in singing, miming and dancing during his student days, and is a well experienced actor on stage. Abilities to modulate his voice to suit various personalities have made him a fine entertainer. Dr Nayak appears in two roles that are Dr Gopalkrishnu and Ginda.


Maroor Rammohan Pai

Maroor Rammohan Pai is partner of Maroor Group Mangalore, a reputed name in Automobile Spares and Industrial tools. He is a multifaceted sporty youth with a penchant for acting. He has acted in many plays and has won second place for his role in a Kannada play at the Karnataka State level. He has also acted in Kasargod Chinna’s plays. In this play, he is Gunda.


Madhukantha Kamath

Madhukantha Kamath, basically from Mangalore, is settled with her husband and two kids in Jakarta Indonesia. She is a talented young woman, a perfectionist. Having interest in singing, dancing and acting, she has won a prize in BMK Duet Challenge and also in BMK Dialogue challenge. With her firm and crisp voice, she renders the role of Nethru.


Shilpa Pai Bhandary

Shilpa Pai Bhandary is also from Mangalore, at present settled in Bangalore with her husband and daughter. A good singer and actor herself, she has won the First place in Duet challenge by BMK. Here, she appears as Shirdevi.


Ashwin Prabhu M

Ashwin Prabhu M, Technical Manager in BIG Cinemas Mangalore is also a good singer and actor. He has sung many popular songs from Bollywood films as amateur. Being a soft spoken and well mannered gentleman himself, he has done full justice to the role of Ramu.


Aparna Kamath

Aparna Kamath is from Mumbai, now settled in Liverpool England with her husband and two kids. She has participated in BMK Dialogue challenge and has won distinction. Check out her role as Gulli in this play.


Voice artists have recorded their voices at their homes and sent the audio file to Kudpiraj for editing and mixing. This herculean job has been managed by the Team within a short span of 6 days and the final outcome is here for the audience to listen to, and enjoy.


Download the complete Transcript of Dolyan Khelu: Dolyan Khelu – Kudpi Vasudeva Shenoy


  1. A gr8 humorous drama by the gr8 writer Shri Kudpi Vasudev Shenoy . I saw this drama long back in mysore GSB samaj acted by stalwarts like comedy king Balgopal mam , Panchkadayi B.V.Balig Mam etc; At that time hero roe was played by none other than P.Dayanand Pai the great philanthropist ..It is a tribute to the great writer.

  2. Namaste

    I am Anupama Kamath. The above drama link is not working. I want to watch the great drama written by Shri.Kudpi Vasudev Shenoy maam. Please let me know if you have any other link where I can watch this drama. Also i am searching for BMK & FAK group in FB. Couldn’t find yet.

    Awaiting for the reply from the group


  3. Anupama, the web hosting site has closed down. Hence the links don’t open. We will work on it soon and show the links on Radioidli.

    Meanwhile, check your mail. I will send you a mail regarding how to collect the audio cd of the drama.


    Kudpi Rajanikanth Shenoy

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