Melody of Daughter and Father – Archana and Dinesh Kamath

Archana, the first ever artist featured on Radio Idli and the largest contributor in terms of her number of recordngs, is here with a great treat for her fans. Also joining her is the encouraging origin of her music – her father – Dinesh Kamath. Both of them share with us generously few songs which they recorded themselves for sharing with us!

1. Noor e Khuda – Archana Kamath

Noor E Khuda – Archana Kamath |

2. Tumse Hi – Dinesh Kamath

tumse hi – Dinesh Kamath |

3. Tu hi Meri Shab Hai

Tu hi meri shab hai – Dinesh Kamath |

4. Pal (unplugged) by Archana Kamath – A song to make time and your heartbeat pause and listen!

Pal – by Archu |


  1. Tooooooo Good! Such a beautiful voice….feel like listening to this song forever and ever…:)

  2. Tooooo good! Loved to hear her voice….she is absolutely talented,and such a beautiful voice!!

  3. Excellent voice, unique quality of voice and very tuneful. Please let me know more about her. Who is Archana learning from? Proud to see another promising amchi in the making…

  4. Archu! see how many comments you got. You are amazing as ever and you make Radio Idli proud :), among many more.

  5. Sudhir Maam, Archana’s Grandfather is a great bhajan veteran and music flows in her family like perennial Ganges. I am sure she would respond with details of her Guru. Would be great if you could refer her more opportunities to perform

  6. First of all thankyou very much and my dad both are really glad that you liked these songs very much 🙂 Thankyou Veenakka, Sudhir maam and Sunil :))
    @Sudhir maam I have been learning Hindustani Classical Music since age 8.. My first guru was Mrs. Shruti Gokhale and then have learnt from Mrs. Swaroopa Gadgil and Mrs. Vidula Bhagwat in Thane..:)
    And yes..its because of you Naganna that I could showcase my talent to everybody over here :))
    He has been as caring as an elder brother 🙂

  7. @Gurudath and Mahesh,,thnku so much..
    @Mahesh..aisa kuch nahi hai..u have sung it very well yaar!! 🙂

  8. Hi Archana,

    Mesmerizing voice … Very promising and you will reach heights for sure.


  9. Noor E Khuda ,Wow !! Superb voice ,really mesmarizing just vocal without Karaoke too good

    Best Compliments

  10. Very sweet voice Archana, you have a very bright future.
    I felt i was listening to the original track..
    @dinesh maam.. Too gud, enjoyed Tumse hi track very much

  11. mesmerising voice, Archana..wish you all the very best..looking forward to many more of your contributions to Radio Idli in future.

    May God bless you.

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