Anandi Kamath’s Konkani pearls – Part 1

We take immense joy in publishing a spot interview of Smt. Anandi Kamath, a great Konkani author, poet with an amazing voice.  The video was taken at her courteous residence where we had a great time speaking with her, thanks to a meet arranged by Shri Payyanur Ramesh Pai. The joy of bringing this video is even more on the occasion of her 80th birthday which was on 19th of March.

With the inspiration of her father, the legend – Shri R.Ranganatha Prabhu, poetry and literature was always deep in her heart. Her art finally found its way in a big manner in her sixties, when her domestic responsibilites, after raising an illustrious family, helped her with ample time.

In the Part 1 of the interview we bring to you few of Anandi-maai’s compositions and her comments on the same. Her melodious voice, and her thinking ahead of times, is what really intrigues a listener.. More discoveries for you in the short video below:

For more treasures from Anandi Kamath, visit her blog –

With this, we seek blessings and good wishes from Anandi-mai and her amazing family.

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