Aarti Ramarao Nayak – Raag Hamsadhwani

aarti-nayakWords of appreciation fall short and flat with amazement, when each melodious note sung by Aarti makes a joyous impact on our senses. Aarti Nayak is the daughter and disciple of Pandit Ramarao Nayak of  Goa, who is renown for his contribution towards spreading the knowledge of Hindustani Classical music. Their music has added colors to the red laterite, green palms and blue skies of Konkan, and graced places far beyond. Radio Idli is deeply grateful for their consent to host the music divine.

In the First of the series of songs which will be posted on the site, we present a grand Tarana sung in Raag Hamsadhwani. The tarana is a composition of Dr. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande. Kindly wait for the video to load completely and be blessed!


  1. Aarti has helped to quench my thirst for Hindustani Classical music. Living abroad we welcome such enlightening Classical music, wish we could get more of the same

  2. Aarti is simply the best.three yrs back when she came to kasargod have been to her muscical show,but she has gone a long way since.her voice quality has improved a lot.god bless her .

  3. An excellent rendition of the raga Hamsadhwani. It was so nice to listen to it in this faraway place -Singapore !!! I feel our young and budding artistes should be encouraged to render various such classical compositions and allow putting the same up on Radio Idli for the benefit of Samaja Bandhavas.

    Well-done, Aarti. Keep it up. Devu bare koro.

  4. It is nice to see such a alented girl in our community.Thanks to Radio Idli for her exposure.Our community should encourage her well. God bless you Arti.

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