A Tribute to Shri P G Kamath – Songs & Video

Late Sri.P.G.Kamath wrote the song “Devaa Tuje…” 25 years ago, in 1985, to include the song in Konkani Geet Chandrika audio cassette brought out by Kerala Konkani Academy. The lyrics of 8 lines are simple Konkani translation of the initial shloka of Ganapati Atharvasheersham starting “Bhadram Karnebhi…”.
That time the singer was a student, Sri. Muralidhar Shenoy from Kochi. Later in 2003, when P.G.Kamath’s anthology of poems titled “POVLLIM” was published, the prayer song was included in the book. And, during the GSB Yuva Sammelan held at Mangalore in Jan 2010 all the same songs from the original audio cassette were re-produced, re-playing the songs accompanied by a new orchestra, thus sung by new singers. ‘Deva Tuje’ was rendered by Pandit Upendra Bhat. Further more, recently on 5th September 2010 when Vishwa Konkani Kendra (Mangalore) celebrated the Konkani Manyata Divas at Kochi , the venue was named as P G Kamath Nagar. The program was conducted with the support of Kerala Konkani Academy and Anugraha Charitable Trust, besides the Govt. of Goa. “Deva Tuje” was the invocation prayer rendered by Sri. Janardhan Athri on during the occasion. Incidentally it was his maiden Konkani song presentation in a public audience.
And the song has taken the latest turn by getting into a TV program from Kerala. For the first time, Kairali TV’s “WE” channel has telecast a Konkani song in an episode in their series titled “Ganamela” on 20th Oct’ 10, presented by Sri.Athri. Indeed this is a very interesting development, and the above details are provided, tracking the various milestones that such a wonderful song has passed by, bringing laurels to the author even posthumously.
Listen to the rendition of Deva Tuje…’ by different singers :
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Initial version of Sri. Muralidhar Shenoy from the Audio Cassette (1985) :

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Second version by Pandit Upendra Bhat from the Audio CD (2010) :

DEVA TUJE…by Late P.G.Kamath | Upload Music

Third version by Sri.Janardhan Athri (Sung as a Prayer Song on Konkani Manyata Day, Kochi, 05 Sep 2010 :
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And now the fourth version, a visual presentation of the TV episode :


  1. Proud to say that i was there to witness the occasions, like as rehearsal of this song at Prof. Nithyanda Bhat’s house at Ernakulam. Srinivas was the music director. Recording at Harisri Studio, Ernalulam. Distribution of Cassette GEETH CHANDRIKA from my house at Cochin. Again release of second version rendered by Pt.UPENDRA BHAT at Magalore. Rendering of the song by Janardhan Athri. So i am really lucky by GODs and GURUs blessing. Muralidhara Shenoy is at Mangaloe. P.G.Kamath and Srinivas are not with us. Thanks to Sri Ramesh Pai and Radio Idli to include this. Deva thuje dayen ami…

  2. Extremely elated to see a response filled with good wishes, from a great Konkani contributor of your stature, Sivananda Maam. Thank you so much for your blessings.

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