3 Generations in Krishna Devotion

Our next post is a “Krishna Leela” dance presented by Meghana as Lord Shri Krishna, and friends Amey Shenoy, Milind Nayak, Anurag Kamath & Arya Prabhu as gopabalas, at the UAE Amchigele Samaj annual day celebration in December 07.
Jayanthi Pai with her Grand Daughter Meghana
What is unique about this dance is that it involves the talent, efforts & enthusiasm of three generations:

  • Meghana, a 7 year old grade III student of Indian High School, Dubai;
  • Sujatha Bhat, Meghana’s doting mother who lovingly encourages her budding talent &
  • Smt.Jayanthi R. Pai, Meghana’s multi-faceted charming grandmother of whom both Sujatha and Meghana are immensely proud.

The Video Clip:

To watch the video below, Click the play button or Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z4u8GwiqtrM if you are unable to see it

Smt.Jayanthi R.Pai not only composed the lyrics & the music but also sang this konkani song that melodiously depicts incidents from Shri Krishna’s childhood.

Smt.Jayanthi is a an extremely talented lady who participated in & won several competitions during her school years at Honnavar. She is also a well known public figure, having served as Corporator in Mangalore for 5 years.

It is no surprise then, that her grandchild Meghana is showing a keen interest in music and dance from such a young age.

We wish to thank Smt.Sujatha & Shri Ganesh Bhat for sharing this video with us.


  1. It was a wonderful dance and it touched our heart.Meghna was very graceful and the other kids cordinated very well.

    All the best Meghna
    Shobha shenoy

  2. I am sure, those who attended the Samaj Annual Day last year did enjoy the ‘Krishna Leela’ song with dance. Someone from the audience was heard saying ‘Krishnu Aaylo Dubaayintu’.

    True – the presentation was very nice and memorable. Lovely and lively !

    All say that the Lord is everywhere – in each and every place, stuff and what not ? He has once again proved that He is present in cyberspace also, especially in Radioidli pedaavann !

    Kudos to all…
    Jai Konkani, Jai Samaj !!
    Ramesh Pai

  3. Brilliant performance . Rarely get to see 3 generations together promoting our culture with such enthusiasm . Hats off

  4. Mind blowing performance by Meghana with amazing background lyrics.im feeling proud of the performance given by the three generations of our soil.

  5. We would like to thank radioidli team for promoting konkani culture. Since this was unique concept we were very excited to post it on this site. We would like to thank Aruna for being very supportive.

    Meghana would like to thank Nagesh mam for recognising her talents and giving her an opportunity to showcase them.

    Ganesh and Sujatha Bhat

  6. The performance is excellent. Krishna dancing on the land of sands is really great. Credit should go to those who took the culture to the far off land. Meghana needs applause and encouragement from all of us. We wish the three some of three generations all the best. Good Luck Meghana. Best wishes and blessings to you. Kudos to the team.

  7. Thank you all! your comments are so very encouraging.

    @ Meghana – Thank you so much dear..Thanks to you, Your parents and your Mamama, Radio Idli has been graced so well by your performance. Thanks to Aruna-akka too for all her support in getting the content online.

    May you add a million stars wherever you perform!

    @ Yashavanth, Rameshmaam, Ganesh and Sujatha – Thanks for your good wishes

  8. Dear Meghana,

    Great combination of talent mixed with lot of love from a mamama for her granddaughter and vise versa with equal amount of support from parents.
    Keep up the good work!
    Srinivas, Vidhya, Aditi & Aniketh

  9. ‘HARI OM’


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