Team Idli

Radio Idli runs streaming full-time with the part-time efforts of our loving community members from across the world.


Krishnanand “Sankalp” Nayak – Head – Technology  a.k.a  “Pedavan“*  Manager, US coordinator (sankalp(at)radioidli(dot)net)

Krishnanand "Sankalp" Nayak

Sankalp’s first encounter with Radio Idli began as a painful host of the Chutney Chat Show. He had a dream to make Radio Idli self hosted with improved design and functionality.  Radio Idli Version 2, and now Version 3,  was his brainchild for which he totally managed the costs and effort for procuring our own hosting service and having a totally renewed site. Add to that the effort of convincing Nagesh to move on from the blogger version.

Sankalp works as a technology professional with a leading consulting firm and is currently based in the US.  He has been instrumental in approaching Saraswat organizations in the US and getting their whole-hearted support.

**Pedavan – meaning the traditional Saraswat idli steam cooker, is a nick name for our server that holds our servings.


Kulyadi Nagesh R. Pai – Founding “Anna” and Editor (nagesh(at)radioidli(dot)net)

varsha-and-nageshRadio Idli was born at Nagesh’s home in Mumbai, where it started as a modest effort to showcase the talent of his close friends ( Beginning with collecting content from close friends, to a growing patronage of Saraswats located far and wide, Nagesh has enjoyed the privilege of presenting unsung talents as well as celebrity performances on the website.

At his work, Nagesh manages digital communications for a large financial services provider. He also enjoys visiting b-schools in Mumbai, as a visiting faculty for Marketing and Communications.  He is an avid Bhajan and Saraswat culture enthusiast, which drives him and the site.


Dr. Varsha N. Pai – Founding “Anni

Varsha, the brighter half of Nagesh, has been his prime support for running the project. An aspiring anesthetist, she has a discerning ear for classical and semiclassical music, including Abhangs and Natyasangeet.


Sooraj Kamath – Editor – South India. (sooraj(at)radioidli(dot)net)

Sooraj has been a highly supportive member of the project, gathering and providing content from the south. Southern Sambar editions and the Dhun Quiz were some of the initiatives managed successfully  by him.  Sooraj is a technology professional based in Bangalore. Recently initiated into the elite club of “Married”, Sooraj leads a blessed life with Poonam.


Sudeep Shenoy – United Kingdom

Sudeep has been associated with Radio Idli for quite sometime, ever since he was in Bangalore where he put serious efforts in associating our institutions with the project. Today, based in United Kingdom, Sudeep has help Radio Idli synergize with the Gowda Saraswat Sabha, UK and has delivered content from there. Sudeep is a technology professional and is also a joint webmaster of, the official website of the Gowda Saraswat Sabha, UK.

Our Supportive & Active members :-

Payyanur Ramesh Pai – Abu Dhabi

Aruna Shenoy – Dubai

U. V. Kini “Satya” – Goa