Teru (chariot festivals), Chavathi Utsav and Pallanki utsavs of various Saraswat temples around the world

Ullal Brahmotsava – 2010 with Swamiji’s visit

Today, Ullal a suburban town of mangalore, known for its Nethravati Bridge, celebrated its Brahmotsava. Here is an album of photos clicked just today. As fresh as it can get. The event was graced by Shrimad Samyameendra Teertha Swamiji of Kashi Mutth Samsthan. Here are two albums of Swamiji’s visit and the Ullal Brahmotsava.

Bantwal Teru (car festival) Video – 2010

With generous efforts and courtesy of Dr. Kiran Baliga, the Bantwal Teru is brought alive for the third year on the Internet for viewing by Radio Idli and YouTube users. Kiran has done an amazing work with the clear videography and amazing editing that has captured the grace of the Lord as well as our Revered Shishya Swamiji Shrimad Samyamindra Teertha Swamiji.

Shri Mahamaya Rathotsava – from a 500 year old GSB temple

Shri Mahamaya-amma temple at Kudtheri, Mangalore, is celebrating its 500th year. 5 centuries ago, the idol of Shri Mahamaya Goddess was consecrated by our ancestors at Mangalore, who had left Goa along with our Idols, to save our community from the torturous Portuguese regime. We present to you some photographs of the Rathotsava of our Divine Mahamaya-Amma.

Kodial Teru (Car festival) Photo album – 2010

With the grace of Lord Balaji, we have with us this year a generous photographic contribution of Kodial Teru from Manju Neereshwalya. To people around Mangalore, Manju needs no introduction. His pictures are most sought after, and are featured in almost every newspaper and website related to Mangalore. We welcome Manju as a contributor to Radio Idli and request his continued support… read more to see the photo slide show…

Mulki Prathishta Punnav – 2009 – Magic Divine

Mulki Prathishta Punnav is a very holy festival for Gaud Saraswat Brahmins, particularly from South Canara district. Tulasidas Pai, from Panaji, Goa, grandson of the renowned and respected Mulki Shri Bhaskar Bhat has brought us the divine privilege of a photographic journey of the festival, including the teru (chariot fest). Tulasidas also gives us a personal account of the whole experience.

Bantwal Teru 2009 by Dr. Kiran Baliga

Dr. Kiran Baliga, continues his holy service of last year, brings to us yet again, glimpses of the Teru of Bantwal. Rathotsavas , Chariot festivals or Car festivals as we may call it with different names. Teru, in amgele konkani, is something very close to our heart which means to us a festival of overnight celebration, marked with grandeur, divinity and unity. (videos available in full article)

Sri Sharada Mahotsav, SV Temple, Mangalore

Sri Sharada Mahotsav is celebrated during Navaratri by the GSB’s of Mangalore at the Acharya Math premises, which is situated inside the Sri Venkataramana Temple complex, Car Steet, Mangalore. This festival has been celebrated with religious fervour and devotion by our samaj bandhavas for the last 85 years. The 2007 Sri Sharada Mahotsav was the […]